Prof. Dr. Ernst Pöppel @Para Limes, Nanyang NTU (Singapore)

"Para Limes" means beyond boundaries which invites scientists to step out of mainstream, not necessarily an easy task. Jan Vasbinder, the founder of the Institute Para Limes with the headquarter in Amsterdam has organized a sequence of conferences at the NTU (Nanyang Technological University) in Singapore. I had the opportunity to give three lectures at these conferences; they can be found under "Para Limes Youtube Ernst Pöppel".


The general topic of the lecture on March 28, 2017, was "Causality - Reality". Lectures on November 11, 2016, and Octobre 12, 2015, were held within the general concept of "East - West Connections". These were rather long lectures with partially overlapping content. They reflect my scientific "prejudices", in particular with respect to visual perception, temporal processing, or neuroaesthetics.


It is also indicated that we are lacking a "taxonomy of functions" in cognitive neuroscience and psychology. It is suggested to develop such a taxonomy on the basis of neuropsychological observations, selection principles in evolution, the epistemological position of pragmatic monism, and the operative distinction between content functions (the "what", like perceptions) and logistic functions (the "how", like temporal processing)."

Conference: Causality - Reality, Para Limes (03/2017)

Workshop: East-West Connections, Para Limes (10/2016)

Workshop: East-West Connections, Para Limes (09/2015)

TEDxHamburg - "The gift of time - the present as a present"

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